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Pole Star USA

Pole Star Experiential Learning – USA’s primary focus is to work with individuals, K-12, colleges, and university students helping them to achieve better employment readiness and career advancement outcomes by providing them with world-class competency training combined with a virtual experiential learning experience that we call a micro-internship. This training results in the acquisition of vital workplace skills, necessary workplace experience, and the boost of confidence needed for those hiring interviews to demonstrate leadership.

Pole Star ASIA

Pole Star Asia is really a mirror as to what Pole Star USA does, however, we realize the unique needs of each area of the world and how it may impact global business success. We have expert leadership that is driving programs to bring global engagement readiness to students and those seeking these opportunities while they learn and grow academically or within their current workplace organization. Again, we focus on the competencies that matter and offer workplace training in industries that are in high demand.

Pole Star Press

Pole Star Press is coming soon! Journalism is alive and well in our media-rich high-tech environment, therefore, we realize that it can be a competitive market for Broadcast Journalists, Corporate Communication and Public Relations majors, Feature Writers, and more. We want to help prepare content writers, staff writers, producers, editors, freelancers, copywriters, social media, and content managers with the skills and experience they need! Check back often as we continue to expand.

Pole Star Consulting

While Pole Star Experiential Learning’s divisions focus primarily on the business to consumer needs and academic institutions, Pole Star Consulting’s focus is business to business. Again, we brought on exceptional talent to provide synergy to position Pole Star Consulting’s Talent Management Solutions to leverage Pole Star Experiential Learning’s technology and competency development tools to address talent development needs across the organizational talent continuum.

Our Partners

Pole Star could not do what it does without our exceptional network of talented people, entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofit organizations, etc. Our partners are the lifeblood to our success, therefore, we always are looking for new and innovative ways to accomplish workplace transformation. If this sounds like something that you may be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to get to know you, explore viable options, and create a new connection!

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Developing  Competencies for Novice & Upskilling Professionals since 2012!

Pole Star Experiential Learning was born to be a game-changer in the lives of everyday people seeking to transition into the workforce or up-skill to be able to more effectively climb the corporate ladder. We have been developing and continue to perfect an experiential learning model set in a virtual internship platform that enables students to take what they are learning and to practically apply it in a real-world training scenario. We call this transition from novice to competence and proficiency, “The Pole Star Evolution!” Since our inception, we have been expanding to develop a consortium of services to better serve our people, and that’s you! We cordially invite you to learn more about us and our programs by browsing our pages. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Our world connected like never before, yet we are still struggling with a vast number of competencies. Communication and Cultural Diversity can pose challenges to effective business strategy. These competencies can be practiced and these skills honed to produce the professional that employers demand. Increasingly, we will have to compete in a global marketplace as individuals, citizens and business people; which means that preparation for future careers has shifted away from primarily content-based learning toward learning and applying new skills in order to adapt nimbly to changing job requirements in a rapidly changing economy. 

We are Pole Star Experiential Learning...

AND we are bridging the gap between education and employment with virtual Coaching Internships! This means that a qualified professional shadows the intern throughout their experience with us helping them assess their talents, observe and coach on their professional behaviors and proficiencies, and measure their performance!

The key to being able to push through competency to proficiency is not to take mistakes so personally, but rather see them as data to use to improve the process” (Eliason, 2017).

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We have a number of flexible options available. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specifics. 

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