Developing Global Industry Leaders With Industry Certified Virtual Internships

We need skilled workers to be equipped with the critical thinking, communications, socio-emotional, and language skills to work collaboratively with their global counterparts all over the world. Understanding and appreciating other points of view are essential elements.


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Are you Global Ready?

In today’s increasingly globalized world, skills matter because a highly proficient workforce is the key to transforming global economies, developing prosperity, and building more inclusive societies. This means there needs to be a focus on Global and Cultural Competency. 

Unlocking Your Potential

We bridge the skills-gap between what one knows and how one behaves, thus transforming the workplace.

Navigate Your Career Path

Discover your Unique Selling Proposition, Your Competency Strengths, and we encourage Reflection to continually develop your strategy.

Get the Keys for Career Success

We develop industry leaders by allowing novice professionals the opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership.

Helping People Thrive in the World of International Business

Pole Star Experiential Learning delivers proficient talent with improved core career competencies. Top international skills like:

  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Networking Abilities
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Influence
  • Adaptive Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence, and
  • Resilience

Through our hybrid approach to workforce development, we integrate this competency training and executive career coaching with a virtual experiential learning program to allow novice career candidates the opportunity to practice the knowledge they gained in their field of study and apply it to real-world scenarios that enhance applied skills, increases abilities, and provides a fledgling professional the much-needed experience to satisfy employer demand for quality job candidates and consumer demand for enhanced employment opportunities.

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Developing Global Industry Leaders With Industry Certified Virtual Internships. 

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