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Coaches, Consultants, Advisors, and Developers of Human Potential.

We believe that leveraging and developing human potential is the key to long-term business success. At Pole Star Consulting we are coaches, consultants, advisors, and developers of human potential. A company’s most important asset is its people and developing people is our only priority at Pole Star Consulting. We offer career development workshops, leadership development programs, and organizational talent management solutions tailored to the needs of your business. When you engage with Pole Star Consulting you engage with passionate professionals dedicated to developing future talent.



Strategic Talent Management

We will work with you and your organization to enhance your organizational bench strength. Through the use of talent assessments, high-potential analysis, career mapping, and performance management tools we help you create a robust succession management talent pipeline. We create more than a talent management strategy we create the Pole Star Talent Value Creation Strategy Model.

Workforce Development

At Pole Star Consulting we believe that the key to success is equipping employees and organizations to think, act and perform in a fast-paced highly uncertain global business environment. We consult with business executives, senior leadership teams, and managers to understand employee development needs and design scalable, solutions to develop a consistent pipeline of future leaders. 

Learning & Development

Pole Star Consulting starts by evaluating the business culture and environment and designing results-driven learning experiences that support and enhance the future business environment. We work with organizations to design, develop, coordinate, administer, facilitate, and deliver organization-wide learning and development programs. 

Knowledge Management Consulting & Advising

Your succession management strategy may be effective in identifying next-level skills and competencies but does your succession management strategy account for the associated knowledge transfer when employees move to the next step in the process? 

Develop teams, identify new opportunities, and lead your organization in new innovations!

The Pole Star Approach To Consulting & Advising

When you engage with Pole Star Consulting you engage with passionate professionals dedicated to developing future talent. Pole Star Consulting deploys proven best-in-class consulting and advisory solutions to meet our clients’ business needs and human capital goals. We leverage our partnerships with cutting-edge technology companies to customize knowledge management solutions that drive the execution of business strategies and maximize your organizational capacity. Agile development, lean methodologies, and design-thinking create a firm foundation in developing your talent plans, engagement strategies, and retention solutions that transform your business.

Pole Star helps you put all of the pieces together!

Building Success at every Level

The Pole Star Difference

There are many companies that offer Talent Management solutions similar to Pole Star Consulting but what sets us apart is our strategic approach to developing talent. We recognize that successful company prioritizes their human capital management strategies as key drivers of organizational success. At Pole Star, we understand that building effective talent management strategies occur at every organizational level. The key difference is that we understand that effective talent management must incorporate learning and development, workforce development, and knowledge management. We recognize that how an organization captures and leverages organizational knowledge is directly related to how well organizations develop and manage their talent.

Here’s What Others Have to Say

Mary Kay is an excellent communicator willing to handle and take on the toughest of projects. Her focus to see a job through to completion with excellent leadership qualities is superb. Her ability to solve conflict and resolve difficult problems with remarkable patience and poise is quite admirable. She loves people and works hard to assist in lifting work morale and contributes to a wonderful corporate culture. She is very easy to work with and always creates a positive outcome with whomever she works with.

Coleen P.


Working with Mary Kay was such a great investment for my business! She is truly a wonderful subject matter expert and helped us get our business up and running in the right direction. She truly cares about your business success. Pole Star Consulting helps build business confidence!

Carla W.

Business Owner





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