Our Partners

Pole Star is proud to partner with some amazing individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to assist us in achieving our vision and mission for our clients. Together, we are transforming the world of work. 


Our Business & Nonprofit Partners

Knowledge Avatars

Knowledge Avatars has brought together some of the top minds in learning, artificial intelligence, and educational technology to come up with strategies for using technology to improve education. Knowledge Avatars has teach-bots, concept-based micro-learning, real-time feedback, interactive activities, and virtual reality spaces. It is entirely flexible and open for any expert to create and utilize your Knowledge Avatars.

EdSolve LXP

EdSolve LXP is a learning and training platform where students can acquire knowledge then apply it. It is an “experience” platform, which is the primary reason we at Pole Star Experiential Learning™ have chosen to house our Professional Edge Platform© in EdSolveLXP™. We are also a proud authorized dealer.

Glance Software

Glance Software, LLC is a national provider of IT services for small, medium, and large organizations specializing in software development, on-demand IT services, and Data Recovery and Backup. They also do Web Design and Development, Cloud Services, Managed IT and CIO Services, Online Marketing & Social Media, IT Consulting, and Data Integration and Management. 


At UpLearn, we believe anyone can learn anything, regardless of their background or previous experience. We build custom curricula, educational services, and adaptive learning spaces that often drive the data-gathering process; we also can design, build and deploy custom hardware and software solutions to meet almost any student and/or program need.


SkyHive is an award-winning AI technology serving as the most advanced source of data for how the world works and learns. Having invented and commercialized an emerging methodology, Quantum Labour Analysis, SkyHive delivers unprecedented insights into workforces and labor markets across the world. They have created the world’s first skills-based job matching and training platform powered by AI that can actively extrapolate those skills and matches them to a desired job or helps expand career options by proactively sourcing jobs that are excellent matches to an individual’s skills profile.


Nrf2 Veteranz is a non-profit organization committed to the health and welfare of veterans. Our vision is to end the suffering of our men and women in uniform, past, and present, by supplying them with the latest products in Epigenetic technology. This select group experiences physical injuries, mental health disorders, substance abuse issues, post-traumatic stress disorders, and traumatic brain injuries at disproportionately higher rates compared to their civilian counterparts. Therefore, NRF2 Veteranz is striving to get these specialized products in the hands of as many of these individuals as possible.

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