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Our virtual coaching internships develop the professional behaviors that employers demand! 

Why Choose Pole Star Experiential Learning?

Pole Star Experiential Learning has built a network of connections partnered with a dynamic training platform to match the magnitude and pace of the shifts in the economy that will unlock people’s potential giving them a competitive edge! We get people to focus on what they aspire to, instead of telling them what they are qualified to do right now. We let candidates dive into that field of interest, without experience, to gain knowledge, skills, and competencies.

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Student Lead Learning

This makes students partners in their own educational training, which translates to higher levels of cooperation and interest.

Coaching and Assessment

We develop, measure, and improve career performance with wellness coaching initiatives that make a significant impact.

Career Readiness

We provide all the tools for success

Pole Star Experiential Learning participants leave with deliverables that will set them apart from their peers. These include:

SkyHive Skills matching application designed to match them with employers.

Their own customized portfolio and personal growth plan to continue professional development after they leave.

Real-world experience for their resume with letters of recommendation .

Core Career Competency Certification demonstrating proficiency in specific competency areas.

• Please visit The Credential Engine™ to learn more about the value of a certification housed within their registry.

Work With Our Talented Team

Companies are increasingly focusing on leveraging human capital as a competitive advantage. To achieve business success, organizations expect their employees to perform at higher levels, to be more customer-responsive, process-oriented, involved in shared leadership, and contributing knowledge that adds value to an organization’s capabilities. Get your skills honed in today. At Pole Star, we believe that if you train virtually you can work hybridly. Contact us for a personal consultation, Today! 

Kevin Cojanu, Ph.D.

Kevin Cojanu, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Lori Slater, Ph.D. - PMP

Lori Slater, Ph.D. - PMP

Chief Operating Officer

Corrine Bockenstedt, MBA

Corrine Bockenstedt, MBA

Vice President of Program Development

Sheri Thoman, MSC

Sheri Thoman, MSC

VP of Marketing & Business Development

Brian T. Paxton

Brian T. Paxton

Vice President of Client Services

Catherine Hering

Catherine Hering

Vice President of Human Resources

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