Pole Star's Asian Connection!

We are pleased to introduce, Dr. George Joseph to the team! 


To focus on global solutions to support the up-skilling needs of individuals across all major markets, we are very excited to announce our newest executive team member, Dr. George Joseph, from Kerala, India. Dr. Joseph has gladly accepted the role as Pole Star Experiential Learning’s President of our newly expanded Asia division. He earned his doctorate as well as his MBA at the Cochin University of Science and Technology in India. He also has a Bachelor’s of Technology in Civil Engineering from Calicut University.

Today, aside from working with Pole Star, Dr. Joseph is an Online Faculty Laureate in Project Management at the University of Roehampton in the UK. Dr. Joseph’s primary objective with us is to bring his talents to expand Pole Star Experiential Learning’s Virtual Educational Model globally. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between the “Post Industrial Age” educational model and this new era of Industry 4.0, where the acquisition of various transferable skills and competencies are a must. Bringing Pole Star’s concept to a wider global market is a vital step to strengthening the skills necessary for international business engagement.

We believe that students should take a multidisciplinary approach to education and step away from the traditional model that makes you really good at just one thing and develop a variety of skills, to not only be knowledgeable about more than one subject area, but to also give them experience in a vast number of competency areas. We also hope to bring some much-needed adaptability for students to take advantage of as jobs change in these challenging times. Dr. Joseph hopes to help us achieve these aims, and we are pleased to expand our team into new markets and gain additional novel concepts and ideas from him… We will innovate together!

To Reach Dr. George Joseph, please email him at: [email protected] Or, scan the QR Code below to set up an appointment via Zoom.