The Pole Star Vision 

​​As our company name and logo signifies, Our Vision is to navigate and guide the future workforce toward professional excellence by creating personalized experiential learning opportunities through virtual internships and proprietary innovation to develop, measure, and improve career performance.  

The Values We Embrace

Trust- Trust ourselves and everyone we touch to trust themselves.
Teamwork- Support each other with Teamwork to meet the success of our clients.
Quality- Provide the best Quality learning experience possible.
Respect- Provide the love and Respect everyone deserves in our diverse world.
Passion- Deliver Passion to everyone who we touch and touch us.
Creativity- The world is built on Creativity, so express ideas with gusto.
Change- Change is the only constant in the world, embrace it.
Commitment- The experiences of others shapes our Commitment.
Diversity- Diversity is what builds a socially responsible society - we must embrace it!
Community- Always work to promote success of a global Community.
Culture- Continually grow our Culture on inclusiveness and caring.

Our Mission 

Pole Star Experiential Learning is committed to expanding professional presence by developing workplace skill sets through our Professional Edge Platform©, delivered from a virtual practicum stage, that is designed to enhance workforce readiness.

We facilitate this through numerous cutting edge, diversified business models to engage each individual to empower, mobilize, and test themselves to meet professional goals and attain career success that exceeds industry expectations.

The Pole Star Evolution© helps clients navigate a career path that utilizes their full potential that will differentiate themselves amongst their peers and create workplace teams that are vital assets to their organizations.

Our Pole Star Experiential Learning family promises to provide exceptional customer service and to make your goals and objectives our highest priority.

Our Story

Pole Star Experiential Learning had its beginnings as an Experiential Learning Manifesto and Consortium created by Kevin A. Cojanu Ph.D., our founder and president, over seven years ago. As Kevin puts it, he wanted to do something that would be a game changer in the world of business so that he could be a legend, at least of course, in his own mind. Therefore, for these past several years he has been developing and continues to perfect an experiential learning model with virtual internships that we have come to know today as Pole Star Experiential Learning, or PSEL. Kevin’s biggest influencer and part of our secret sauce here at PSEL is David A. Kolb, who he considers to be the father of experiential learning. Kevin has taken his principles and combined them with other innovative educational theories and brought them forward to our modern day world of the digitized workplace.

Kevin saw that there has been an ever growing skills gap over the years because the advances in technology are growing and moving forward at a pace that education has been struggling to be able to keep up with. There seems to be a misalignment between post-secondary education and workforce requirements that is suppressing economic productivity and growth with industry leaders blaming the skills gap as the primary reason. Kevin knew that the future workforce needs to have a realistic understanding of how operations in any industry function and knowledge of how to apply learned theory taught in schools to real-world situations. These are skills that are desperately needed in today’s market now.

Therefore, he has spent these last several years designing, developing, implementing, and managing the effectiveness of applying the academic knowledge from participating in an academic curriculum or degree program to a practical experience in operating a number of virtual businesses (Completely run by virtual interns) from the ground up, allowing students to gain these critical competencies that are missing in today’s market. Not only will these proficiencies differentiate them in the workforce based on their individual experiences, but this will hone their professional presence. These businesses are real and are built on a corporate structure with virtual interns working in various positions from directors, managers and other leadership roles; to grow the operations by making mistakes, correcting them, and becoming confident decision-makers with the ability to change their future career path.

Seven years and thousands of virtual interns later, his innovation in Experiential Learning brings experienced leadership, an effective and valued service product, to change the face of employment readiness. The confidence and competencies through these virtual experiences for students to gain will earn them a place of distinction in their organizations and enhance their ability to climb the career ladder to the levels of success that they aspire to. 

More about Our Professional Edge Platform or PEP©

Pole Star Experiential Learning is not an internship aggregator for finding opportunities. We provide a fortified experience through our virtual internships and development programs or PEP Academies. We deliver real world experience through our consortium of business partners. These organizations have partnered with us to apply our enhanced program to develop a career ready and competence-ready workforce. Our relationships with our partners goes beyond client vendor engagement. They are just as committed as we are to our vision and mission. Pole Star Experiential Learning understands that Educational Institutions often experience funding challenges to engage with service vendors. Our objectives are to ease this challenge for Institutions by offering different, but not limited to the following shared funding options:

1. Creating a Credit-bearing Internship course that will equal or exceed the cost of the program per student. This will allow the Institution to engage with us under a cost sharing arrangement that will not incur any cost to the institution.
2. Engage in a Partnership to pursue National, State, or Local Grant Opportunities as a partnership between our Organizations.
3. Engage with Institutions to develop a program that will become an option related to a Capstone course or for High School programs it will become a credit-bearing Internship course that will contribute to graduation.

These are some of the most popular offerings, however, we are also willing to work with the Institution on others.
A. No development costs for Institutions.
B. No added FTE for Administrators or Faculty.
C. Institution has full access to Student program records.

Institution’s Career Services will have enhanced skills to work experience to work with in assisting in the employment search. Student’s will have experience and Competencies they can utilize for an employment edge. They will also gain practiced Career and Behavioral Competencies necessary to address employer ‘skills gap’ concerns. The student interns enjoy flexible program requirements that allow for those with other responsibilities like school and work to not interfere with their participation in our program.