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Middle, High SChool, and the undecided

Career Exploration and Planning 

The Professional Edge CEP Course is designed to help individuals to decide in what direction to take in their career path. The hands on experience in a safe environment will help those that are undecided to determine likes and dislikes, career strengths and talents, as well as provide a realistic expectation of what the job will truly be like. Before committing and investing thousands in educational study and or training, why not try it on for size beforehand? 

High School and College students 

Professional Edge Capstone 

This course offers virtual work experience, competency practice with one-on-one coaching, and a system of micro-learning experiences through a Personalized Learning Plan that is continuously updated through our Professional Growth Acceleration Process© or PGAP©. This PEP experience is filled with planned and unexpected challenges, and hiccups that we encourage every participant to embrace. Rest assured that in the end its purpose will leave participants in a place of confidence and victory. Upon completion, our students leave standing confidently in their professional skills and this newfound professional presence will be easily recognized by others, and especially individually; as one who is sure of what they are capable of.

Corporate Bootcamps for Employees

Professional Edge Corporate Training 

Are you a company leader or head of an organization that would like to motivate and propel your people to higher levels of performance and provide tools for success. Our PEP© Program can be broken up into smaller sections that accommodate shorter program lengths and focus on preselected objectives and goals. Contact us today and let us customize a bootcamp for you! 

For Transitioning Military Personnel 

Professional Edge Transition assistance Course 

Our PEP© Program and virtual micro-internship/minternship opportunities provide the transitioning service member or recently separated with the tools and training to ensure that they are prepared for the next step in civilian life. Whether they are pursuing additional education, finding a job in the public or private sector, or starting their own business. We can help them gain civilian experience in a safe environment that helps one learn how to translate military competencies and skills over to that new position within the civilian sector. 

For Budding Business Owners 

Entrepreneur Institute 

Our Professional Edge Platform© can help people discover their entrepreneurial strengths while giving them an opportunity to work on those things that need polish in an environment that is forgiving and not financially devastating. Who wouldn't want the chance to learn from mistakes before they crush that beloved dream? Let us help you be your own boss and bring out your highest potential by making your vision a reality. Contact us today to get started. 

Miscellaneous Professional Training 

PEP Workshops 

Do you need a speaker for your event regarding experiential learning? We would love the opportunity to come speak to your group to teach your organization or school more about the benefits that experiential learning provides. Whether it's in regards to career readiness, improving education for our youth, or gaining a better understanding of the theories behind the practice; it would be our pleasure to assist you. Contact us today and let's chat!