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EdSolveLXP™ by Glance Software, LLC. transforms learning into training by bridging theory to practice. Learners gain knowledge, then apply it.

Simply published content focused on user experience

Platform is simple to use, yet secure

Immerses users in a personalized journey


Why an LXP Instead of an LMS?

It is an “experience” platform, which is the primary reason we at Pole Star Experiential Learning™ have chosen to house our Professional Edge Platform© in EdSolveLXP™. We are also a proud authorized dealer. 

Safe & Secure

EdSolve LXP™ has been designed from the beginning to meet and exceed all HIPAA security requirements using the latest data encryption technologies. This includes the latest rules and regulations in healthcare security.

More Configurable

We find that client-driven improvements to LMS technology lead to more complex use cases, analytics and reporting capabilities, and more interoperability with other technologies. 

Better Stats & Control

Interactive analytics allows for real-time visibility of all aspects of the EdSolve™ solution. A simple overview can be used to allow for a quick peek into issues, surveys, and assessments; while the In-depth view lets you drill-down specifics.

It's an LMS, but better...

Just as any great learning management system should, EdSolve™ can tackle any e-learning curriculum you throw at it. Your content is simple to roll it out, it can easily track progress/completion, and analyze the success of the content as well as individuals or groups. However, a great LXP creates and nurtures a culture of learning within an organization. Make e-learning a place where there’s something to explore and create a place where ambitious and proactive learners will be kept engaged, appreciative, and busy improving both knowledge and skills!


Individual, Education, and Enterprise Plans Available

What They’re Saying

A happy customer is always something to shout out about!  

EdSolve is so simple to use and quick to set up. The easy user interface and the no-nonsense way of uploading your own content is fabulous! It is also compatible as an effective bolt on to an existing LMS so that you can now have the best of both worlds, both knowledge  retention and skills acquisition!  

Lori Slater

Instructional Technologies Expert

Still not sure if EdSolve™ is right for you?

A great LXP can help learners build and certify their skill sets and enable businesses to discover, develop, and measure their organizational abilities. Let’s talk more about what EdSolve can do fo you. Email us your questions.

Experience the way Online Learning should be with EdSolve LXP™