The Pole Star Evolution© 

We Lighten the load to bolster student success

We are bridging the skills gap by developing professionals through innovative methods that help people reach new heights.

A multifaceted approach 

Our model was created to help the individuals succeed. No longer does one have to pull the full load of career development alone. Our coaches are there every step of the way throughout this program to ease the burden with great tools and coaching methods. 

Personal Development Planning 

At PSEL, we use a similar concept used at various universities called the PGAP© or Personal Growth Acceleration Process. Personal Development Planning is a structured and supported process for student interns to record, review, reflect, and plan their learning that helps them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and plan for their short and long term future. 

The Professional Edge Platform©

A platform is, "a raised level surface on which people or things can stand." This fits the purpose of our virtual PEP program well. Our goal at Pole Star Experiential Learning is to help people grow professionally and personally. We deliver this through virtual work experiences, competency practice with one-on-one coaching and a system of micro-learning experiences.

PGAP© - PEP Graph

All of this data is collected over the duration of the course and is charted on a graph within an individualized report to demonstrate growth and development. 




The experiential learning cycle is the most widely recognized and used concept in the Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) (Kolb 2015; Kolb & Kolb 2017). The simplicity and usefulness of the four-stage cycle of experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting is the main reason for its popularity. It is an adaptable template for the creation of educational programs that actively engage learners in the learning process, providing an alternative to the overused and ineffective traditional information transmission model.


We understand the value of learning from failure. Mistakes are opportunities for professional development leaders to coach an individual through the learning cycle and to ascertain various solutions. We then encourage action. We let them test and prove themselves and their proposed solutions to see what works and what does not. This allows for the emergence, growth, and development of various competencies and skills. Stuart E. Dreyfus called this process the Acquisition of skills of which he developed a five-stage model:


Kolb’s model, as already mentioned, is a simple explanation of how learning takes place in many of life’s circumstances. However, Professor Graham Gibbs expanded on this model in 1988; and we believe it is the perfect coaching model to help people with the reflection and planning process. People typically do not naturally seek to evaluate their actions throughout the day unless a problem or challenge arises. Often, it is a mistake. A PSEL professional Development Leader acts as a supervisor, observing behavior and waiting for that teaching moment to take the student through this learning process. We then encourage action. We let them test and prove themselves and their proposed solutions to see what works and what does not.


Since reflection can prove to be a difficult process for some people, especially when they have had negative experiences with other’s reviewing their performance in the past, PSEL has adapted more holistic styles of coaching to address these types of issues. Motivational Interviewing is typically a wellness counseling method that helps people resolve ambivalent feelings, improves self-efficacy, and insecurities to find the internal motivation needed to make the necessary changes needed to be successful. It is a practical, empathetic, and a short-term process that takes into consideration how difficult it is to make life changes.

we credential our core career competencies  

Each competency is evaluated every two weeks at each  evaluation/assessment. Curriculum evaluations focusing on behavioral outcomes include:
· Behavioral Analyses
· Managerial Reviews
· Client Reviews
· Self Evaluations
· Personal Reflective Assessments
· One-on-one Coaching Sessions
· And, the overall experience.

Want to know more about our competency credentialing?

Pole Star Experiential Learning is powered by Credential Engine©.

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Quality results 

There are deliverables that are provided to each intern as they exit our program. These include:
• Certificates of competency and course completion • Letter of reference for employers.
• Contact information for employers to follow up with • PEP© Report materials.
• Personal branding and their start to their personal professional portfolio.
• Membership in the Pole Star Experiential Learning Consortium for future support.
• With many companies utilizing competency-based hiring methods, these credentials will proudly demonstrate the areas of strength for a prospective employer to see.  
We will provide certificates based on an individual's ability to deliver and achieve each competency. 

The takeaway

While PSEL cannot make an expert out of someone in short time frame, we can; however, set one on a path that includes a plan or professional digital portfolio that gives guidance, as directed by the assimilation of these important theories. Our experiential learning academies encourage individuals to apply their knowledge and understanding to real-world problems and genuine organizational challenges that they encounter, while working with our consortium partners. Through personalized coaching that guides and facilitates learning, individuals achieve new levels of personal and workplace competency and professional presence.

The educational core occurs during the reflection process, where individuals consider their decisions in light of natural consequences, mistakes, and successes. Our Professional Edge Capstone© is psychologically challenging yet supportive allowing participants to learn more about themselves, discover unearthed talents, and refine professional skills because they are taken out of their comfort zone. As individuals redefine and scrutinize themselves by evaluating their current proficiencies, they will seek stronger competencies that are needed to develop to be competitive in their field. Together, we map out a path for continued career success that will be a tool to use for all future career endeavors. Come experience the Pole Star Evolution©.