Our Consortium Partnerships are Vital to Our Mission

We could not do what we do alone without these organizations partnering to promote student success! Are you interested in saving money on HR and Training expenses while being able to evaluate a candidate in areas that cannot be gleaned from a resume?

Here are our Current Consortium Partners 


Simply put, if you have projects, we have someone that fits your need to get right on it!
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Benefits of membership

According to Jeffrey Moss, the founder of Parker Dewey, micro-internships are a novel way for companies to find new talent. Additionally, student interns get to get their feet wet and try a company on, try-on new skills and gain new experiences, and may just land themselves a new job! 

What is a micro-internship?
They are short-term assignments assigned by various organizations that one can do remotely. A great perk is that one can gain valuable experience from this type of platform that one would not typically gain from the typical office environment, since all communications are done differently. This takes a different set of workforce competencies. 
What does a consortium partnership do?
Pole Star Experiential Learning's primary goal is to fix the transition from academic study and any workforce training to career entry. In order to bridge the skills gap, people must be allowed to demonstrate and apply what they have be taught in a real- world scenario. 
What are the benefits to the organization?
Money is continually wasted yearly on staff that did not quite have what it takes despite interviewing well and seemingly appearing like a quality candidate on paper. Pole Star Experiential's Evolution process takes one from a novice or beginner and teaches them the tools to acquire higher level skill sets that will differentiate them from their peers. Our PEP© platform allows for credentials to be earned in the areas of competency that a student intern desires and employees demand. 
A true win win
For our students, they get the chance to explore career options from a realistic standpoint because the work comes from real companies, and the skills that they demonstrate can not be gleaned from a resume. There is value in three distinct areas: enhancing their resume, career exploration, and building their professional network. Our consortium partners save money and time caused by attrition, they can assess company fit, and are able to find true talent!