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We work better, together…

Pole Star Experiential Learning has built a network of connections partnered with a dynamic learning platform to match the magnitude and pace of the shifts in the economy that will unlock people’s potential giving them a competitive edge! 

Experiential Learning 

We create work-based learning opportunities in a variety of industries.

Communications and the Arts

Jobs in the arts and communications include graphic design, copywriting, advertising, broadcasting, and more. Many new jobs will be related to professional, scientific, and technical services.

Management, Business, and Finance

Hiring people with MBA’s and the insurance industry is expected to be strong. More administrative assistants will be needed as corporations expand. Many positions will be related to scientific and technical consulting.

Healthcare and Allied Health

Demand for health care services is expected to increase dramatically as the Baby-boomer generation continues to age. There are great opportunities for nursing, veterinarians, chiropractors, and other wellness practitioners.

Education and Social Services

The demand for public school teachers will continue to increase as well as the need for classroom paraprofessionals that often do not require an advanced degree. 

Computers, Science, & Technology

Internet, microelectronics, and telecommunications, computers, and technology continue to be a very hot career category with computer systems design and information services expanding rapidly.

Trades and Transportation

Jobs in the construction industry are expected to be abundant, while jobs in automotive repair, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration are also expected to increase.

Architecture and Engineering

Specialists in computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting technology will have an edge, and as homeland security issues increase along with recurring natural disasters, and other challenges; this will fuel the need for more engineers and those who design and supervise the construction of roads, levees, tunnels, water supply, and sewage systems will be in high demand.

Law and Law Enforcement

Positions for attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants are enjoying the biggest job boom, while increased homeland security has driven up the need for FBI workers, customs agents, and border patrol officers.


Career opportunities in scientific fields are expected to expand in many areas, from chemistry to oceanography. Not all jobs in scientific fields require an advanced degree. Technicians and assistants with two-year degrees are also needed to support research.


Plans For Every Need

With Custom Variations Setup Upon Request


Coach Training Certification

This is a Train the Trainer Model


• We train and certify professional competency coaches who utilize PSEL  tools within the Professional Edge Platform©

• You deliver the coaching to your organization

• We complete all assessments and evaluations to determine competency certification qualifications.

• SkyHive services

• EdSolve LXP™- Training in PEP©

Professional Edge Platform© Self-Certification

Education, Enterprise, Individual, &  Program Custom Models Available


• Designed for programs that have their own experiential learning activity such as a STEM/STEAM program, an apprenticeship or an internship where there is a training facilitator

• We provide and complete all assessments, evaluations, and issue earned certifications

• SkyHive services

• Professional Competency Coaching

• EdSolve LXP™ – Training in PEP©


Premiere Coaching Internship

Education, Enterprise, Individual, & Custom Programs available

• Includes a 12-week virtual internship with one of our Pole Star Consortium member

• SkyHive services

• Professional Competency Coaching

• Competency training within our EdSolve LXP™

• Certifications on these Core Career Competencies that are housed within the  Credential Engine™.

• Check back often! PSEL’s Avatar is coming… 


Professional Edge Platform© K12 Independent Study Program

For Education, Enterprise, & Individuals

• A Kindergarten through 12th-grade offering that allows students to learn about the importance of professional competency behaviors and career exploration within our PEP curriculum by accessing our EdSolve LXP™

• Upon completion, students receive a certificate of completion. 

• High School students can earn certifications by completing certain requirements

• Evaluations and assessments are all completed and delivered within our EdSolve LXP™



Why Choose Pole Star Experiential Learning?

We get people to focus on what they aspire to, instead of telling them what they are qualified to do right now. We let candidates dive into that field of interest, without experience, to gain  knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Gain A Professional Edge

Experience The Pole Star Evolution© 

Student Lead Learning

This makes students partners in their own educational training, which translates to higher levels of cooperation and interest.

Coaching and Assessment

We develop, measure, and improve career performance with wellness coaching initiatives that make a significant impact.

Career Readiness

We provide all the tools for success

Pole Star Experiential Learning participants leave with deliverables that will set them apart from their peers. These include:

SkyHive Skills matching application designed to match them with employers.

Their own customized portfolio and personal growth plan to continue professional development after they leave.

Real-world experience for their resume with letters of recommendation .

Core Career Competency Certification demonstrating proficiency in specific competency areas.

     • Please visit The Credential Engine™ to learn more about the value of a certification housed within their registry. 

Let us help you sort out all the details

Our programs are as unique as you are, therefore, we want to ensure that we set you and your students up for success. While we do our best to convey our main features, there are always those little details that need hammering out. Contact us today and let’s customize and price your program!